Make a Birthday Wish for Clean Water


A life without access to clean water?  It’s hard to imagine as all many of us have to do is open the faucet and clean water flows freely. 

Now travel to Haiti where half of the population has no access to clean water. Did you know that in Haiti:
  • Women and children are the main water collectors, often walking more than a mile for water?  
  • With no access to clean water, people gather their water from sources like a river - the same river where they wash their clothes and bathe their animals? 
  • With no access to clean water, children easily become ill from contaminated water? And due to lack of resources, these treatable illnesses often lead to death in Haiti?
Haiti Outreach has been working for 20 years to turn those statistics around, and to make it last. A non-profit organization, Haiti Outreach walks side by side with each community - from training to well drilling to mentoring - to empower communities to unite to manage and maintain their well.  It’s not a hand-out, but a hand-up! 

Pledge your Birthday & Be a part of the change in Haiti!
If you believe in the need for clean water for all, be a part of our movement to increase sustainable clean water access in rural Haiti. Instead of gifts this year, ask your family & friends to give the gift of clean water.

We are grateful for your partnership & support!